Caesarea by the Sea

Father Augustine Inwang, Bishop Denis J. Madden and Father Michael Triplett walk along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea during a quick stop on the final day of the pilgrimage. St. Peter preached at Caesarea and St. Paul was imprisoned there for two years. (Catholic Review photo | Christopher Gunty)

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2 Responses to Caesarea by the Sea

  1. ann says:

    one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, not to mention the biblical relevance of it!

  2. terrie says:

    Chris, of course, many prayers for a good, safe trip home. I know you are very much looking forward to seeing and hugging Ann.
    Your photos and writing are outstanding! You make the reader want to book a similar trip immediately.
    I am constantly amazed and touched by your deep spirituality, insight, perceptive vision, talents, and competence! (OK, as one of your big sisters, I admit to being biased, but I know I’m right)!
    love you lots,

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